The holiday hustle and bustle is over, and it’s finally cold outside. Warm up on these cold winter days with our gifts. Take a look at some of our popular winter products and services that will warm your heart this season:

1. Watch Adjustments

Did you get a new…

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Watches have been around and evolved for hundreds of years. Over the centuries, some of the terminology has also evolved, misconstruing certain watch terminology. Here are some often misunderstood watch terms:

A cell (or power cell) is simply the battery of a watch.

The crystal is the clear material on…

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We receive questions every day about various clock repair issues. Many times what seems like a large problem with your clock or watch, ends up being a simple fix that you can easily do yourself or is easily completed by our clock and watch repair specialist. Below are some…

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Watches are the perfect gift for any occasion and for anybody. Believe it or not, but spring is on the way. Now is the time to start thinking of all of the great holidays and events coming up this spring. Give a memorable gift that can be cherished for…

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