Cuckoo Clocks

Has your cuckoo bird lost his song? We can help!

We specialize in German cuckoo clock repair. Our skilled craftsmen know all the workings of all different cuckoo clocks. Our service team will take your original mechanism apart, run all the parts through an ultrasonic cleaning machine, and reassemble it. The only parts that are replaced are bearings and broken wheels. Not only do we repair the time-keeping mechanism of the clock, but we also can tune up the music box and fix the cuckoo bellows, dancers, and waterwheel.

We repair all types of cuckoo clocks including:

  • Anton Schneider (Certified Repair Center)
  • Hubert Herr (Certified Repair Center)
  • Black Forest
  • Hones (Certified Repair Center)

All clock service repair work is guaranteed for one year. If the problem returns, simply return your clock to us and we’ll repair it free of charge.

Let our family get your cuckoo singing again.