We receive questions every day about various clock repair issues. Many times what seems like a large problem with your clock or watch, ends up being a simple fix that you can easily do yourself or is easily completed by our clock and watch repair specialist. Below are some of our most commonly asked questions along with the answers straight from our clock repair experts.

1. Can you repair all types of clocks?

Our answer to this question is yes if we can get to the movement of the time piece.

When it comes to repairing an antique clock, we can usually repair it. There are only a handful of really old clocks that we cannot repair. Usually the antique clocks that we can’t repair are handmade.

Novelty clocks can sometimes be challenging to repair. For example some novelty clocks that are difficult to repair are neon sign clocks and clocks that work in part with other moving parts. Most of the time with these types of clocks it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to get to the movement part of the clock. However, we have been able to repair some sign clocks in the past.

We are also able to repair battery operated clocks. There isn’t a way to fix the battery operated movement for the clock, but we are able to replace that part with a new one. Some battery operated clocks we can repair include: small insert clock units, plan time only clock units and chiming clock units.

Overall, if your clock isn’t working chances are we may be able to get it up and running again. Don’t just throw away the clock, stop in or give us a call and we will help you.

Clock Repair

2. Can the sound of the grandfather clocks be turned off?

Yes, the grandfather clock sound can be turned off at any time on most grandfather clock types. Most grandfather clocks have a silence lever on the clock. Move the lever to the silent position to allow the clock to still keep time, but without any sound. Many times when the clock is silent, the two outside weights on the clock will not drop, only the middle weight will drop.

Another option is if you only want your clock silent at night. Many grandfather clocks also have a night sound shut-off lever; this allows the clock to be silent from 11:00 PM until 6:45 AM.

3. Why does the door for the bird on my cuckoo clock stay open?

If the door for the bird on your cuckoo clock is staying open, first check to make sure the hinge of the door isn’t broken. Next, make sure the wire that holds the door closed isn’t stuck between the door and the bird. If the door is still staying open, take the clock off of the wall and look into the back of the clock. There should be a wire that sits under the bird’s tail. Make sure that wire is under the bird’s tail and not on either side of the bird.

4. What is a pendulum on a clock used for?

A clock’s pendulum is what is running the clock and keeping accurate time. The pendulum bob can be adjusted up or down to adjust the clock to run faster or slower.

If the clock is running fast, remove the pendulum and move the pendulum disk down on the pendulum stick. If the clock is slow push the disk up on the pendulum stick. Keep in mind 1/16th an inch movement of the pendulum disk will change the clock about two minutes per day.

Remember to reset the correct time after each adjustment to the pendulum. It might take a few adjustments a couple of different times to get the time perfect.

5. Why does my watch tick two seconds at a time?

For some watches, when the battery is low and needs to be replaced the two second tick is an indication to replace the battery. Not all watches have the two second tick, they may just stop running as an indication to replace the battery.

6. Can you change the batteries in any watch?

Yes, we can change the batteries in watches. If the watch has a quartz movement and runs on a battery, our certified watchmaker can change out the batteries in the watch to get it up and running again.

Wristwatch Repair

7. If my watch band is too large on my wrist, can it be sized down?

Most watches have watch bands that can be sized. A professional is your best bet for properly removing links in a watch band to get the perfect size. Some of the links in many watch bands have locking clutches on the end that need to be replaced correctly in order for the band to stay together. Adjusting a band size doesn’t take too much time and this is usually a service that we can provide while you wait.

These are just a few of our most frequently asked questions. Check out our FAQ page for more answers to clock and watch related questions.