4 Steps to Expert Timepiece Repair

First, make sure your clock or watch needs repair. Review the frequently asked questions to see if your clock or watch may need just a minor adjustment.

If your timepiece needs repair:

Step 1

Send to Miller Clock Service for an estimate

Take the weights off the clock. Do not send the weights (pine cones on a cuckoo clock or cylinders on a grandfather clock) Carefully pack your clock. Please refer to the following shipping instructions when mailing your cuckoo clock. Complete the Repair Order form and send your timepiece to: Miller Clock Service 1820 S. Koeller St. Oshkosh, WI 54902

Step 2

Estimate Approval

We will contact you either by email or phone and get your approval to repair your timepiece.

Step 3

Repairing of your timepiece

Every mechanism in your clock or watch is completely cleaned and carefully reassembled. If a part needs replacement, our experts will handcraft the part based on their extensive experience. We monitor your timepiece for at least seven days to ensure it accurately keeps time.

Step 4

Timepiece back to you, fully guaranteed

We will send your timepiece, insured via United Parcel Service back to you when the repair is complete. Customer Service Guarantee: At any time, you can email us on the progress of your timepiece service. We fully guarantee our work for one year. If the timepiece is not working properly, we will repair it at our cost.