The holiday hustle and bustle is over, and it’s finally cold outside. Warm up on these cold winter days with our gifts. Take a look at some of our popular winter products and services that will warm your heart this season:

1. Watch Adjustments

Did you get a new watch for Christmas this year? Many times the watch band needs to be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly. A band that is too loose can easily slip off your wrist and get lost. A watch band that is too tight can be uncomfortable. We specialize in resizing watch bands and other watch repairs!


2. Family Heirloom Repair

The holidays are a popular time for family heirlooms to be passed down. Did you receive a priceless pocket watch, grandfather clock or wall clock this year? If you have a family heirloom clock or watch in need of repair, let us know! We are clock and watch repair specialists and can get your family heirloom cleaned up and functioning again.

3. Winter Scarves

Stay warm this winter with a cozy scarf! We have plenty of options available, from light, everyday fashion scarves to thick, knit outdoor scarves. Stop in to see our selection. Winter scarves also make the perfect gift.

4. Candles

Warm up your home, and your loved ones’ homes this winter with a new candle. We just received a new shipment of crackle candles, which create a comforting crackling sound when they burn, similar to a wood-burning fire. We also carry the popular Ribbonwick candles. These candles have a long, horizontal wick that creates a unique display when burning.

Ribbonwick Candles

5. Greeting Cards

There is nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note in the mail from a loved one. Winter can be a long season. Surprise someone with a special message this winter. Stop by to view our greeting card and stationery selection.

We have a wide variety of gifts in our store, and we receive new merchandise every week. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience this winter, please visit us. We will help you find what you are looking for to warm you up this season.