We’ve declared October to be Clocktoberfest! One of our favorite types of clocks are the German cuckoo clocks we specialize in repairing.

German Cuckoo Clock


Cuckoo Clock History

The first cuckoo clocks were designed and created in Germany in the early 18th century. They were made entirely of wood. Even the moving parts were all carefully crafted from wood pieces. After this special clock design gained more popularity, clockmakers began swapping out the wooden movement pieces with metal and brass pieces to increase the clock’s durability.

Traditional German cuckoo clocks are still popular today! They are one of Germany’s most popular exported products.


Popular Cuckoo Clock Makers

Some of the most popular German cuckoo clock makers have been crafting cuckoo clocks for many years. We are a certified warranty repair center for many of these manufacturers including, Anton Schneider, Hubert Herr and Hones clocks. We also repair the classic Black Forest cuckoo clock styles.

German Cuckoo Clock Design

Has Your Cuckoo Bird Lost His Song?

Our skilled craftsmen know how to repair a variety of cuckoo clock styles. We know many cuckoo clocks hold a special place in the owner’s heart. Often, these clocks are passed down from generation to generation or were bought on a trip to Germany.

We always try to preserve all the original parts of the clock. The only pieces we replace are bearings and broken wheels. Every other part of the clock is taken apart and put through our ultrasonic cleaning machine to get the pieces working again. We can repair the timekeeping mechanism of the clock, tune up the music box and fix the cuckoo bellows, dancers and waterwheel.

Do you have a cuckoo clock collecting dust in your home? Send it to us, and we’ll get it up and running again!