Has your antique clock lost its familiar tick-tock? Before you attend the Antiques Roadshow: Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures™ this year, bring your timepiece in for repairs! We have more than 60 years of experience repairing most types of clocks, including Baby Ben Alarm, mechanical eight-day, mechanical anniversary, and 31 day clocks. We offer a simple process to get your clock fully functioning again!


Share Clock Issues

Antique clocks can be touchy. If you find that your clock does not keep the right time or makes unusual sounds, then we encourage you to visit our FAQ page to see if your clock may need a minor adjustment or a major repair. After following our suggestions, if your antique clock is still not performing as it should, then it is time to ship to us for repairs. Follow our shipping instructions here.

Estimate and approval

What should you expect once we receive your clock? After inspecting the clock for any issues, we will estimate a total price for the repairs and follow up with you via email or phone for your approval.

Repairing process

Once you have approved our estimate, we will begin repairs. We will start the process by taking the clock movement out of the clock case. Every gear in the clock movement will be taken apart and cleaned through an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Any worn gears and bearings will be replaced to avoid further repairs in the future. Once all the pieces are dry, we will put the movement back together and place it back into the clock case. Finally, we will make sure the clock is running correctly and all issues are fixed.

Wall clocks

Return timepiece fully guaranteed

After the repairs are completed, we will send back your antique clock through the United Parcel Service. With our Customer Service Guarantee, you can email us on the progress of your timepiece service at any time. We have a full guarantee, so if your timepiece is not working properly, we will repair it at our cost for up to one year.

We always look forward to seeing the unique types and styles of clocks that come through our doors. It’s like being on our very own episode of the Antiques Roadshow on PBS!

Let our family get your family heirloom back to the way you remember it as a child! Contact us anytime with questions on different types of clocks and our repair abilities.