Grandfather Clocks

Is your pendulum not swinging? Are your weights not dropping or your chimes not chiming? We can help.

With over 60 years of experience, our skilled craftsmen know how quality timepieces work and sound. Our service team will take your original mechanism apart, run all the parts through an ultrasonic cleaning machine, and reassemble it. The only parts that are replaced are bearings and broken wheels. This process ensures your grandfather clock will work as it did many years ago! Because of the process we use in repairing your grandfather clock we can’t fix the clock in your home. If you know how to take the mechanism out of the clock case you can bring in the mechanism, pendulum and weights. If you can’t or prefer not to take the mechanism out you can bring the complete clock in to the store. Most people bring the entire clock in for repair.

We repair all types of grandfather clocks including:

  • Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks
  • Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks
  • Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

All clock service repair work is guaranteed for one year. If the problem returns, simply return your clock to us and we’ll repair it free of charge.

Let our family get your grandfather clock chiming again.