Want a stylish way to change a look in any room? Just add a clock!

Floor clocks
The traditional grandfather clock or a fashion trend floor clock adds a beautiful look to any front entryway, hallway or dining room. These clocks not only tell time, but you can also enjoy the sound of its chimes throughout the day. These clocks are a great addition to any home and can be passed down from generation to generation.
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Wall clocks
Wall space can be hard to come by, and other times you have too much of it. We have a great selection of clocks that can fill any space! Chiming wall clocks can be put in the long, narrow area of the family or dining room. The oversized clocks are perfect to hang above the fireplace. For those small spaces in the kitchen or office, a 12inch clock fills it just right.Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.53.49 PM
Mantel and tabletop clocks
No wall space available? Not a problem! Our selection of mantel and tabletop clocks has something for everyone. The clocks are available in many different materials: wood, brass, silver or crystal tones. There are clocks of all different sizes, small enough for bathroom counters or large enough for a mantel.
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Come in to see all the great clocks we have to offer!