School is right around the corner! School busses, crossing guards and homework will be a common sight until next summer. Make sure your student is prepared for the first day of class by getting them all the essential supplies. Check out these five back to school gift ideas.



Don’t let your child be late to class again by getting them a new watch! We have a variety of watch brands to choose from, including Citizen, Seiko and Timex. These great watches make awesome gifts for students.



We have pens that will suit all your writing needs, whether you’re shopping for a graduate student, pen connoisseur or a kindergartener. Writing utensils are essential for school, so get your student a quality pen. We can engrave pens, too. Your student will love their own personalized pen.


Alarm Clocks

We have a variety of great alarm clocks, ranging from traditional to digital. Different clocks have different alarm sounds. For example, if you like to be woken by a bell, traditional alarm clocks are what you’re looking for. If you like a buzzer or custom sounds, you’ll want to look at digital alarm clocks. With our great selection, you’ll find one that your student will love. It might even make getting up early even easier, but we make no guarantees. 😉


Sticky Notepads

This is a great gift, especially for forgetful students! Peel a note off the pad and jot down a reminder for later. Never forget those important thoughts again. They can also be used to mark important pages or passages in textbooks.


Weekly Reminder Books

Keeping track of homework, appointments and practices can be difficult. We offer weekly reminder sheets to make it easier. We have different styles, colors and sizes so you can stay on top of what you need to get done.


We offer a wide variety of back-to-school gifts that any student will love. If you have any questions about our products or services, stop in or call us at (920) 235-4750. We hope to see you soon!